The People United Can Never Be Defeated!

This video demonstrates, very masterfully, the hypocrisy of our own government.
A hypocrisy that goes back before many of us were born.
A hypocrisy that is not written in our history books or taught in our classrooms.
A hypocrisy that is being witnessed today in the streets of our cities and towns.
A hypocrisy we no longer sit back and ignore!
The hypocrisy of war, CLASS WAR!
An issue woven throughout the fabric of history and even in today’s world with all its modern convenience, we still struggle for dignity and equality and dare to call our society civilized.

Dennis Kucinich the Theft of the American People’s Wealth!

Great, short speech by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, (D) Ohio. This man does not get enough press for his ideas and challenges of the two-party status quo.

FDR’s Warning!

We need to push Obama to be the President he can be, the way activists of the 30′s pushed FDR to fight for the New Deal!

Unions – WTF Have They Done For Us?

The Tea Party would have you believe that the Unions are a blight on society, that is simply far from the truth. Unions might be a blight to the ultra wealthy and corporations, who are trying to suck the life out of the middle class. If it wasn’t for unions they would have already done…

Protest the Federal Reserve

In this new video release, “as a first step,” Anonymous has called for public protests beginning on June 14th, continuing “until Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke steps down.” To make their case, they have presented a list of recent scandalous Federal Reserve actions.

Gitmo Papers – Guilty of Being Innocent!

More at The Real News “The finger to the land of the chains What? The land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy?” – “Know Your Enemy” – Rage Against the Machine

Have You Heard of the Ludlow Massacre?

More at The Real News Is this what the corporate oligarchy want to return America too? This was less than a century ago. Under the command of the Rockefeller family, the National Guard fires at strikers and their families to suppress a strike of 12,000 workers.

Stripping Collective Bargaining Saves No Money

More at The Real News Governor Walker is an A-1 douche bag!

Money In Politics

More at The Real News This is an uphill battle, everyone dig in and get ready for the fight! We need to fight to get corporate money in politics under control, otherwise we will never be able to correct the multitude of issues we face as a country.

Voting Fraud, Florida Circa 2000, Ohio 2004?

More at The Real News This vital election needs to be watched closely, given past Republican voting shenanigans.

We Are One! Video From Around America

More at The Real News The rally I attended in Denver was rather small, somewhere around 1000 people by most estimates. I think the weather had a large impact on turn out, it had snowed the day before and was rather chilly on Monday. Even so, there were some enthralling speakers and the crowd was…

43 Years Later and Still – WE ARE ONE!

43 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and we are still struggling with many of the same issues that were at the forefront of the civil rights and labor movements in 1968.

Attacks On Unions, On the Rise!

We are at war! And the whole of our country is at stake, make no mistake about it. This is is not rhetoric this is forewarning!

Wal-Mart = Anti-Women, Anti-Labor!!

More GRITtv Watch the story of these women and their fight, against one of the worst offenders on a multitude of issues.

Workers Protesting Everywhere – Israel

More at The Real News

David Cross Sums This Up Pretty Well!

This Theme Is All To Familar!

Check out what happened on March 26, 2011 during the Trafalgar Square Riot. An estimated 400,000 to 500,000 teachers, nurses, firefighters, other public sector employees, students, and other groups converged on London. Read more at Daily Mail Is this getting ready to happen here in the United States? It very well could with all the…

Liberty Abyss – Pro Labor! Pro Liberty!

We are in the midst of a class war! Do not be fooled into believing that corporations have your best interests in mind, they have one interest, to increase profits at all costs, ALL COSTS! Video from RT America’s YouTube Channel

Liberty Abyss Redesign and Relaunch

Relaunch date set for 3/25/2011 It has been too long since this site has been updated and too much is happening so fast to let it keep going neglected any longer. So I am going to relaunch Liberty Abyss with a more focused political theme. While, I haven’t been blogging as much as I wish…

Liberty Abyss Will Return

Sorry for the lack of posts and action on this blog in the last 10 months. There has been much going on behind the scenes at Liberty Abyss, but we will be back soon with a more focused agenda and a regular posting cycle.

Farewell Howard Zinn, 1922-2010

It is a sad day when the world loses such a warrior for democracy and civil rights. A void has been created with your passing and we must all do our part to fill it. Howard Zinn, historian, civil rights activist and author of A People’s History of the United States, a best seller that…

The People vs Corporations

Liberty Abyss Okay folks we are now at war, us “We the People” vs corporations and their interests. The Supreme Court overturns key campaign limits. You might have not heard about it though. A quick scan of 56 news sources and only 2 carried the headline. The New York Times covers the story in this…

Police Use Painful New Weapon on G20 Protesters

By Allison Kilkenny, True/Slant. Posted September 28, 2009. Does it really matter who is in the White House? The industrial-military complex gets what they want. Pittsburgh police demonstrated the latest in crowd control techniques on protesters when they used “sound cannons” to blast the ears of citizens near the G-20 meeting of world economic leaders….

Could the Milk You Drink Be the Link to Diabetes?

By Ari LeVaux, AlterNet. Posted September 7, 2009. A mutant protein has invaded the world’s dairy supply, including, most likely, the milk in your fridge. The protein, called A1 beta-casein, is well known in the scientific community. While most dairy companies, trade groups and government agencies consider it harmless, a growing body of research implicates…

1 Million Tweets for Health Care Reform!

Issue Based on recent polling data 3 out of every 4 Americans want Health Care Reform, yet the only majority of opinion making the nightly news is those that are against a public option. The voices of the masses are being drowned out by the yelling, screaming and ranting of the few. We need to…

Healthcare Reform Compromised Already

I fear there will be no real health care reform in this country. Our politicians started compromising right out of the gates and seem willing to back off there initial positions and continue to cede ground to big health insurance, big pharma and their lobbyists. More at The Real News

Labor Protests in South Africa

Labor is struggling every where in the world. People are fighting for their rights, against political corruption and corporate greed. What will become of the world, the United States if labor fails? Are we headed towards another revolution? How bad does it have to get before more people stand up and join the fight? Could…

How to Start a Union at Work

Your Rights It is your legal right to support, form and/or advocate a union at your workplace. Your rights to organize are set forth in Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act: “Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own…

Wal-Mart, Unions and the Employee Free Choice Act

You will not see much coverage about this on the evening news, but if you search the internet for the terms Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) (H.R.1409, S. 560) many of the top or paid links are those of anti-union groups and conservative think tanks. Of course large corporations don’t want organized labor in the…

Corporations are Screwing Us!

By Amy R. Ramos, Posted July 17, 2009. via Alternet Stagnant wages, sexual harassment, worsening benefits, horrible treatment: just a few of the problems faced by American workers in all industries. The silver lining — if there is one — in this horrible [financial] crisis is that for years, the country just wasn’t paying…

US Economy Down – Unemployment Up!

By Dean Baker, The Guardian. Posted July 13, 2009. The Obama administration says its stimulus package needs more time to work, but patience alone won’t revive the economy When her husband was in the oval office, Laura Bush launched an initiative to promote literacy across the United States. Unfortunately, there was no comparable effort to…

The Marijuana Ad Censored in California!

By Phillip S. Smith, Drug War Chronicle. Originally Posted July 10, 2009. The Marijuana Policy Project has a TV ad campaign supporting taxing marijuana, but several stations won’t run it. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) kicked off a TV ad campaign aimed at gaining support for a California marijuana legalization bill in the legislature on…

Stop Goldman Sachs!

By Rob Johnson, AlterNet. Posted July 8, 2009. The sordid story of how Goldman Sachs and Co. engineered bubbles in the economy and made a hefty profit. I hold my hands in front of me to block my line of sight It seems my eyes are growing tired of staring in the light The more…